11 Nov

A visit to SWIRLL

Sign outside the tornado shelter or break room depending on the day.

I’m am very late writing this post.  The struggles of being an academic who is working on a book are real.  I was very lucky to be hosted by tornado scientists Anthony Lyza (@tlyzawx), Kevin Knupp, and Ryan Wade (@ryanwadewx) at the University of Alabama, Huntsville back in August.   The new Severe Weather Institute and Radar & Lightning Laboratory, brilliantly named SWIRLL, is fantastic and beautiful facility.  Tony, whose work I’ve discussed previously, took time to show me around SWIRLL.  The three scientists then were amazingly patient explaining meteorological concepts to this neophyte. Overall an amazing day discussing QLCS produced tornadoes (post coming soon), why Southern tornadoes are different, and how topography and vegetation affect tornadoes.